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Exploring Ubuntu Desktop on the Raspberry PI

With the release of Ubuntu Desktop 20.10 being available for the Raspberry PI this week I thought I'd take it out for a spin on one of the Raspberry PI 4's I have lying around. Now, officially you need to use a 4GB or 8GB device, however both of my spare ones only have 2GB so thought I'd try anyway and if things go well look at treating myself to a new shiny 8GB one. Note: most of this post was written on the 25th however after a mishap (I knocked the PI off my desk and broke the SD Card slot 😒I had to wait until the 31st to complete the .NET 5 test instead running the PI 4 via an old USB SSD) Initial Install First off Installing Ubuntu Desktop 20.10 is nice and easy, you can get the image and apply it to an SD Card or for a nice step through wizard the Raspberry PI installer is the way to go. It's a nice four step process, choose Ubuntu and then 20.10 Ubuntu Desktop, choose the destination device and click write. It takes a while to write and verify but once complete