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Passing Objects between Silverlight Applications

This week I have been making some prototype applications using Silverlight, which has been awesome, and I decided that I wanted to pass a few objects between these applications. If this wasn't a quick prototype and didn't have to run off of a Sales person's laptop I would have whipped together a quick bit of RIA Services and got them talking that way. However these are just two out of browser applications. Enter Local Messaging. Silverlight has a great little feature, that I'm not sure is too often used, Local Messaging . Local Messaging allows you to send simple string messages between two Silverlight applications running on a local computer. This can be within the same Web Page or two Out of Browser Applications Local messaging works by having a LocalMessageReciever listening for messages in one application and then a LocalMessageSender sending messages from the other. If you want two way communication you simply have a listener and sender in each application.