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GZip Compression of JSON and IIS

Recently in work we've been monitoring the data usage of one of our main products. In today's modern age as developers we often think of bandwidth as cheap and usually have nice fast internet connections and don't overly worry about the *bloat* of our pages and applications. Our application is often used on 4G connections and whilst they are fast and performance of the application is overall acceptable we found that its data usage was higher than expected and caused us a few concerns over the amount of GB consumed per month. We've benefited from GZip compression for many years now and most people don't even think about whether its enabled or running as well as it should be. Turning it on and off is usually as simple as turning on the feature in Server Manager and then enabling Static Compression (for your static files, CSS, Javascript etc) and then enabling Dynamic Compression for the generated HTML etc. So it was assumed all was well. As I'm paranoid abou