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Unable to merge or create branches with SVN

I've been using SubVersion for a while, several years infact, I use VisualSVN on my server and TortoiseSVN on my machines. Until recently I had never experienced any problems or glitches with it. However at some point within the last two months one of my main repositories started playing up. It's the only repository I have ever branched. The problem occurred when after working on a branch for several months I decided it was time to merge it back into the head. However when I tried to use the merge function and take the branch into the head I was given the following error message: [branch] is not a child of repository root URL [trunk] I tried several attempts at trying to do this, rechecking out the branch and trunk in case they were corrupt but to no avail. I then decided to try creating a new branch to see if the repository was totally broken and I indeed got an error. Repository moved permanently to [svn server address] please relocate; So it looked liked the reopsitory was b