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Using the SQL Server Export generating an excel spreadsheet from an access database

What a wordy title, go read it again, it's crazy but true. This post covers generating an Excel spreadsheet from an Access Database but using a SQL Server tool. It's crazy but great and easy! Welcome! I am assuming you have SQL Server installed and the import export wizard, if you don't have this go get it first before carrying on. First up open the Import and Export Data application, note this has to be the x86 edition so if you are running an x64 machine, which I think most dev's are nowadays, ensure you choose the correct edition. This will give you the welcome screen. Source Screen Click next to get the ball rolling, this first screen is where we want to get the data from, in this case access, so use the drop down box to select Microsoft Access. Then provide the path to the database file, you can see my file path was actually on the network and it worked fine. Destination Screen Next up the destination, well again Excel is what we want s