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Experiments with WSL2... Yes you can use VSCode but could you run...

I'm a massive fan of WSL and now WSL2 is finally here (I've been using it during preview since day 1 but my work machine sadly couldn't run it until now...). With the Docker Desktop integration and some awesome I/O and performance metrics it really is good. This great article by Phoronix really shows how near native it is . I often checkout some of my newer work code out in Ubuntu and then use VSCode for doing my work where appropriate however C# in VSCode is OK but it's not *great* VS2019 is still a better experience on the whole. About 2 months ago I tried JetBrains Rider 2020 out and although I liked it I couldn't quite justify using it on Windows instead of VS2019 which my work MSDN provides, however tonight I had a thought... Rider is cross platform, windows, macos and linux... could I get Rider running via WSL2 would it be awesome or horrible.... Let's find out.... 22:00 Time to Start! First I go to JetBrains website and go grab the download link f