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My Favourite Visual Studio Features #myVSUK

It's been really interesting to read some of people's submissions for the Visual Studio Features competition. Quite varied. I thought I'd add my top 5 into the mix, although I've probably missed the deadline :) 1 - Test Explorer Test Explorer, Docked Left in my Main Window I really love having Test Explorer baked in, especially when the XUnit runner is installed. Previously I used to use ReSharper's test manager but now I pretty much only use this. The addition of playlists in VS2013 has also helped. You can run tests automatically after build, search your tests and group in various ways. One of my most used features. 2 -  Navigate To or as I say Ctrl + T Finding those Test Types are now just one Key Combo away :) This is another feature I used to use Resharper extensively for, the ability to quickly find a type by name. Just hit Ctrl+, start typing, instant win :) 3 - Server Explorer with Azure Integration Managing and Viewing Azure Serv