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DotNet CLI , private NuGet feeds and Linux...

Today I hit an issue whilst trying to run dotnet run for some of our benchmarkdotnet tests which I like to run all new hardware I try out. My pair of Raspberry PI 4's arrived and I wanted to compare the performance of our Fingerprint capture code. I've hit the issue before and last time I figured it out I swore I'd blog and write it up as I knew I would forget! My benchmark project is a straight forward BenchmarkDotNet project however it consumers NuGet packages from both as well as our private NuGet repository which requires authentication. For all of our windows machines this works without an issue for machines on the domain they authenticate seemlessly however when using Linux devices this is a different issue :( Instead on Linux devices we always get: /home/pi/dotnet/sdk/2.2.300/NuGet.targets(121,5): error :   GSSAPI operation failed with error - An invalid status code was supplied (SPNEGO cannot find mechanisms to negotiate). This essentially means it

Can you use BuildRoot with Windows Subsystem for Linux......

A quick note I started this blog post back in August of 2018 and never completed it. Essentially I wrote most of it and then found I just couldn't run BuildRoot properly, I came back to it every Windows 10 release due to performance improvements etc however its only now with WSL2 that this is possible. Read on to find out the full story :) Original Post I love Windows Subsystem for Linux , I mention it all the time in work, done "brown bag" sessions on it, even did a lightning talk on it at DDDSW 18 . This week I've been working with a contractor to produce essentially an Embedded OS for a project. Previously I've always used existing distributions and made them "lite" or used preconfigured ones, Raspbian Lite for example however he promptly told me I'm doing it wrong and that I shoudl be using BuildRoot. Buildroot is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded Linux systems through cross-compilation. Sound's interest