Lessons Learnt: Migrating From Net Framework to Net Core - Part 1 Introduction

I'm nearing the end of a major project in my work. Taking a number of our essential services running on IoT devices and porting them from running on Windows x64 over to Linux Arm; whilst still maintaining backwards compatability and still running these services on the existing Windows devices. This may sound like a daunting and major undertaking but actually it hasn't been too bad, it's very possible and the benefits of doing this, for us at least, are significant.

What I want to do over my next couple of blog posts is to highlight lessons I learnt during the process, thing's I wish I hadn't done / wish I had known before I started as well as any other things to takeaway from this.

As this will form a mini series of posts I'll keep a list of all posts updated below and maintain this on subsequent posts.

Lessons Learnt

  1. Net Standard Libraries and Multi-Targeting
    1. Multi-Targeting Class Libraries
    2. #ifdefs
    3. Conditional NuGet's
    4. Muti-Target your Unit Test Projects
  2. Net Standard Libraries and Net Framework 4.6.1
  3. SQLite Differences
  4. Native libraries via NuGet, it's all about them RID's
  5. Going all in with packagereference's
  6. Going all in with Net Core 2.2
  7. TBC
  8. The future


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