Revisting Linq To Lucene

Last July I wrote a blog post about prototyping getting Entity Framework CodeFirst working with Linq To Lucene. I hadn't realised it was quite that long ago but alas time flies especially with a baby.

Anyhow, I never finished the work nor made it "feature" ready or submitted it back to the project, this was partly due to the apparent inactivity. However this week the Linq To Lucene project has become quite active, and as I now need to use the implementation I spent a few hours to finish it. This included working out how to get all the tables off of a DbContext, which involved a bit of reflection magic and then writing some tests to ensure it worked at least how the LinqToSql version had done.

I have now submitted this as a patch, - item id 11857, and hope its available in the main trunk soon, enjoy!


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