FlickVimTube - An FCKEditor Plugin

First things first, ignore the random title for this post, it does have a meaning and it's the best I could up with ;)

The other evening I was hitting some downtime and rather than carry on playing FarCry 2 I decided I'd write a quick FCKEditor plugin which I've been meaning to write for a while. By default the editor comes with functionality to insert flash files into your content which works well however I wanted to have a way to only insert online videos from Flickr, Vimeo or YouTube. To insert these I was having to manually go into source view, paste in the embed code etc. A chore and a heartache.

So enough was enough and I banged together a quick plugin that would take a YouTube Embed URL and then insert the appropiate embed HTML for it. This was actually quite simple. I worked out there was four main steps, 1. Extract the video ID from the URL 2. Create suitable embed markup and insert into the editor 3. Create a preview video so you can ensure it works before clicking ok. 4. Be able to view and update the video after inserting.

Extracting the video ID I'm sure could be done using some clever regex expression however for simplicity and speed I opted to simply slice the YouTube url at ?v= bit and then use the remainder as the ID. As the official embed url is in the format http://www.youtube.com/watch?v={id} I have decided for my first version of this plugin I can nievly split, however I should really parse it properly.

To insert the embed object I made use of some build in FCKEditor methods to create the object and then assign the attributes to it.

e = FCK.EditorDocument.createElement('EMBED');
SetAttribute(e, 'src', embedUrl);

SetAttribute(e, 'type', 'application/x-shockwave-flash');
SetAttribute(e, 'pluginspage', 'http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer');

SetAttribute(e, "width", GetE('txtWidth').value == '' ? 360 : GetE('txtWidth').value);
SetAttribute(e, "height", GetE('txtHeight').value == '' ? 150 : GetE('txtHeight').value);
SetAttribute(e, "allowscriptaccess", "always");
SetAttribute(e, "allowfullscreen", "true");

After getting the basics working I decided to add support for Vimeo and Flickr. This was a case of just working out which service it was and then parsing out the id's and then setting the correct embed URL on the embed object.

FCKEditor plugin's are dead easy to configure, in your fckeditor settings file simply register the plugin using FCKEditor.Plugins.Add and ensure your custom toolbar settings include the button, 'OnlineVideo'

FCKConfig.ToolbarSets["mjjames"] = [

FCKConfig.Plugins.Add('OnlineVideo', 'en');

The plugin file includes language settings for english, however adding additional languages can be added by simply providing translations for the labels and then changing your plugin registration to include the new file name. If you want to add French for example create a file called fr.js in the plugins languages and then the plugin registration becomes:

FCKConfig.Plugins.Add('OnlineVideo', 'fr');

The following language settings are available:

OnlineVideoTip, DlgOnlineVideoTitle, DlgNoVideo, DlgInvalidVideoUrl, DlgOnlineVideoURL, DlgOnlineVideoWidth, DlgOnlineVideoHeight, DlgOnlineVideoQuality, DlgOnlineVideoLow, DlgOnlineVideoHigh.

The plugin can be downloaded as a zip file and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License

In the future I intend to extend this further, maybe to allow users to find and search for videos using the various API's provided by the video sources but that will be at a later date.


  1. That sounds cool! how about a live demo?

  2. I'll try to sort out a live demo this week, and will update this post when I have

  3. How did you learn to create FCKEditor plugins? I've been looking for documentation and hardly found anything

  4. James i need to develop a plugin for my fckeditor which will open a new window when clicked .this window will be having two text fields and Ok and cancel button as well(use of fckdialog will be an added advantage ).Can u help , i believe its a very simple plugin but this not an area of my expertise...I desperately need to do it.Plz Help.?????


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